Important news


Dear customers,

At the beginning of this week we took the drastic measure by closing. We saw that our deliverers returned with almost 70% of our fruit deliveries due to the absence of our customers. The ordered fruit that we couldn’t deliver was now delivered by hundreds of healthcare institutions on your behalf. On behalf of all these healthcare heroes and on behalf of our team, we would like to let you know how grateful we are for the work you do!

Because of the heartwarming gesture of you as customers and the great responses we receive from healthcare, we are more motivated than ever to take on this challenge together! Together we are strong!


1. Contactless vitamins in the workplace!

You want to continue the fruit deliveries? Great! We are working hard to create new routes for our customers who want to continue receiving fruit.

- On Mondays and Wednesdays, our buyers purchase exactly what we are allowed to supply. We pack this for you on Monday afternoon and evening. This way we prevent waste!
- Tuesday and Thursday we deliver the fruit to you nationwide with our delivers. In the next 2 weeks, the range will consist of a fruit box with 30, 40 or 50 pieces of easy-to-consume fruit.

Our delivery staff will deliver the fruit boxes at the entrance, reception or expedition without coming into contact with your employees. After this you take care of the internal distribution yourself.

Increase or decrease the number of pieces of fruit? Please indicate this by email to and we will process this for you for the next delivery.

2. Together we are strong: fruit for healthcare heroes!
Do you have a warm heart for our care heroes? We offer the possibility not to offer the fruit deliveries to you, but to deliver the fruit on your behalf contactless to the people that work in healthcare. Your deliveries therefore end up at hospitals, GGD institutions or other healthcare institutions where there is now an urgent need for a healthy snack and certainly also for a smile!

If you choose this option, we will charge the deliveries. You will receive information from this promotion that can be shared internally with all of your colleagues. Hopefully this will also bring a little smile to their face.

3. Fruit for your employees at home
From our customers, we receive multiple requests per day to provide all their employees with a delicious fruit package at home once or in the coming weeks!

Employers, big or small: We are happy to take care of this for you! Add a nice message as an employer and provide your employees with much-needed vitamins at home.

More information about this promotion? Send an e-mail to, we will contact you directly.

4. Reduce or cancel fruit deliveries
Without any notice, all fruit deliveries will be canceled free of charge on Wednesday March 18 until at least April 3.

A response is only necessary if you want to continue receiving fruit. For all other questions or comments you can reach us at the above email addresses and we try to answer as soon as possible.

Much strength to everyone in this unreal time. We are now full of energy and fighting spirit and look forward to working with you in good health to build a healthy work or home environment again!